Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's October!

My Favorite Time Of Year

I'm celebrating with a new look to my blog thanks to Newt of Newt's Muse who has been providing a few of us with some of her beautiful designs. Check out Kell's new look at 'Tis Herself and Jay's Llama header at Cynical Bastard to get a flavor of her work. My new leaf design is perfect for the start of Fall. She assumed I knew how to get her banner into my blog header.... A FEW DAYS later I finally managed it!


Some Witch Lore To Start The Season

I was introduced to Liquore Strega when I was seeing a very tall, handsome Sicilian many years ago. He loved to have a sip of this after dinner when we were at his favorite restaurant. The bottle is so pretty I've kept it on display for 10 years and the liquid has lost it's intense yellow color. Strega is Italian for witch. It's made with 70 herbs and barks topped off with saffron to give it the yellow color. Liquore Strega has been made in Benevento, Italy since the 1800's. It's said couples who drink it together will remain united in love forever (unfortunately not in my case - we were both in love with him).

The walnut witches (not kidding here) of Benevento were a very powerful group of women who survived the Inquisition. Legend says they danced around a huge walnut tree that never lost it's leaves and produced walnuts which were used as amulets and talismans.

If you look closely at the label you can see those cute little walnut witches dancing under the magic walnut tree with the crone, her broom and a cat in the moon above.

30 more days till Halloween!