Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Was Tagged!

My Very First MEME

I was tagged by Susan at Slice of Life for my virgin MEME but first I want to copy an idea from Jay at Cynical Bastard (he's not) and do a Sunday Shout Out.

For those of you who didn't get to go on a nice vacation this summer I thought you might like to see a couple of my favorite travel posts.

First my dear friend at Cheeky Attitude went to Alaska with Stitch and took some fabulous pictures. Be sure and see them before all the hot weather melts Alaska. She also has some great craft and food pictures plus ideas on her blog.

Peggy in Scotland of Day to Day Life of a Very Lazy Gardener went on a diving trip to Egypt... of all places. I couldn't figure the connection between desert and diving but it turns out they dove in the Red Sea. How exotic is that? You'll enjoy all her travel log but my 2 favorites were her cab ride and the Old Market in Cairo.

And now on to the Fives MEME!

Five items in my freezer

1. Frozen Collard Greens for the dog's dinner
2. Frozen Veggies with Thai Curry Rice which Cheeky Attitude conned me into buying when I ran into her at the market
3. Frozen berries for my breakfast power drink and I use the word power loosely
4. Gardenburgers - I'm a vegetarian
5. Puff pastry shells - don't remember what the plan was for these

Five items in the closet:
Bedroom Closet

1. Angel wings from a 90's Halloween party - should send to Alan G
2. Snazzy dress heels I could barely wear - outdated but purty
3. Box of mementos/photos of my darling Daisy dog - long gone but still loved
4. Overnight Travel Duffel Bag
5. 2 rolls of rose wrapping paper for some forgotten project

Five items in the car

1. A million bio-degradable doggy poop bags that are also in all my clothes pockets
2. Dog leash
3. Dog water dish
4. Rubber dog hair lint brush
5. Whole Foods Market reusable shopping bags

Five items in my backpack
How about I just tell you what’s in my purse?

1. Wallet
2. Makeup bag with one item - what can I do with this face NOW!
3. Advil cold and sinus tablets that you need to show your driver's license to purchase because the Patriot Act now requires pharmacies to track usage - I kid you not.
4. Wadded up kleenex and paper napkins
5. Address book that's too big for my purse

Five people I tag:

1. Cheeky Attitude cuz she's NEVER been tagged with a MEME
2. Peggy just cuz she deserves it after her exotic vacation
3. Betty who needs a break from the campaign trail
4. Susan's daughter - new blog - never been tagged
5. Ginnie who will be really rested and raring to go after her trip to Alaska!

I was going to tag Alan G but he scared me out of it and besides he was tagged for another MEME.....

I'm plum tuckered out from this post and you probably are too.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Cool shout outs. I ment to do this again myself this weekend but was too lazy ... uh ... busy! yeah, busy. LOL

Cairo would be an amazing place to visit.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger F&W said...

I love that the poop bags have infested themselves everywhere. We have the same issue here. They are also biodegradable ones! We have to do our part for the earth, right?

At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Alan G said...

Howdy Saz...

Enjoyed the photo tour. Indeed, I needed the vacation. I love Alaska. I'll bet its not hot there like it is here! Suppose to be right at a hundred here all week. Whew!

Glad you didn't tag me of course. I only have two things in my freezer and don't own a backpack.

As far as the angel wings go...I guess I could use them if I co-starred with John Travolta should they ever decide to do a Michael II movie.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Kell said...

Those poop bags get everywhere don't they? I washed quite a few that were in my pockets.
Speaking of dogs, collard greens? Is that really good for them, or do you just have a reincarnated Southern pooch?

At 10:18 AM, Blogger saz said...

Jay - Put Cairo on your list of places to go...maybe after you win the election and all that money comes your way!

Chelle - Just discovered these biodegradable ones but they're see - thru.

Alan - Sorry to hear your temps are back up!

Kell - Yup..Collards are good for her....good for the eyes. I also cook them with black eyed beans and give them to my birds! But maybe we're all reincarnated Southerners.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger goldenlucyd said...

Saz, I not only look forward to your posts but am impressed by your comments on other blogs. You really did a great job at Octogenarian! Mort is a wonderful commentator and your comments added so much to his last two posts. Well done, dear!

At 10:35 PM, Blogger saz said...

Lucy - you are too kind....and I just love Mort's critique of all the serious stuff going on right now.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Ginnie said...

Hi from Alaska, Saz. It's downright chilly and I hope you have cooled down.
Don't be mad, but I'm going to let you down on the meme stuff. Rested or not I still don't care to do those questionaires...just never have,....sorry.
I head back to NY state on Wed. & will keep checking in when I can.
All the best. Ginnie

At 1:54 PM, Blogger saz said...

HI Ginnie - That's perfectly ok on the Meme - I got it off my "to-do" list and that's all that matters.

Having fun in Alaska? Seems to be where everyone is heading for vacation these days. Can't wait for your return!

At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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