Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday's Secret Garden

Secret Gardens

This is another one of my favorite detours. The house is called Coryell Carriage House and was built in 1912. I just learned it's history and name when it went up for sale recently. During the winter it's a dark and rather spooky house that surprises you as you come around a corner. I've been here several times to take pictures this week and I'm never happy with them. This was taken with the camera poking thru the wrought iron gate. There are 3 different security signs on that gate and I'm just waiting for the small town police patrol to come by and ask me what I'm doing. My excuse will be that it all started with Claude's Blogging In Paris post about The Secret Garden.

From the sidewalk the gates make it more forbidding and well.....secret. Notice the security signs? It's a spanish style garden with different cactus, olive trees and some big round rose beds. The garden never has a stray leaf or weed and yet all the times I've driven by I have NEVER seen a human or a car or a dog or cat. I've often wondered if the neighborhood kids dare to "trick or treat" here and more importantly what the "treat" would be.


At 4:33 AM, Anonymous claude said...

Well, I'll be...
Now it's all my fault ;)
If ever the police visits here, I'll know who sent them. Great photos you took. I particularly like the top spooky one! Is that a window???
Did I ever tell you about the time I was almost arrested by the police here in Normandy? Well, one more thing I'll have to blog about ;)

At 4:48 AM, Blogger Peggy said...

Now I have to know the story of how Claude was stopped by Les Flic.

Isn't it a shame that those pretty houses need gates.

That house could do with either a pressure hose or a coat of paint though it is beautiful. Why can't they build beautiful houses more often? I have YET to see a new house that I like.

At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Alan G said...

Speaking of "The Secret Garden" again, I noticed last night that my cable host (Comcast) has the 1975 version available for viewing on pay-per-view. It is the BBC version that apparently aired back in 1975 as a televison series but recently was put on CD. Here is a link if you want to read a review on this particular version.

The Secret Garden

I haven't decided if I will watch it yet - but I probably will. I know Claude will not have access but if you use Comcast you might want to check it out.

At 6:42 AM, Blogger F&W said...

*shudder* Those gates are creepy. Think of how much more welcoming it would be without them. No way would I have trick o' treated there as a kid. I scare way too easily. (great photos!!)

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Ginnie said...

Hi Saz: I think of you every time I hear the weather forecast for the West Coast. Hang in there and it seems you may get back to "normal" tomorrow.
I love your secret garden blog. That is a hobby of mine...snooping behind gated abodes. I've had some dirty looks but no police, as of yet!

At 4:39 PM, Blogger Betty said...

That is some house! I'm not bothered by fences like that, or even walls, but then, I would like to live in a house with a big old moat around it.

At 7:22 PM, Anonymous susan said...

C'mon Saz, shimmy over the gate so you can get a REALLY good close up for us. We'll back you up about it being Claude's fault! ;)

At 12:44 AM, Blogger saz said...

Claude - yes it's a window and that part of building was originally supposed to be a chapel.

Peggy - I used to think it needed a coat of paint too but after going past it a million times I now think the dirt gives it character.

Alan - Think I can get the BBC version at my library!

Ginnie - A couple of snoops we are but Betty would spoil the fun with a moat around her house.

Susan - Me shimmy?

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Terri said...

Ooooh, what nice photos of such an intriquing house!
BUT....I want details. Who lives/lived there? Do you know? And dare I ask what the selling price is?
My kind of place...I can see why you're so "drawn" to it. I would be too.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Maybe you need to get a super duper telephoto lens for your camera so you stand at the gate and get some great up close pics of the house. I'm sure nobody would mind. haha

You need to find out what it takes to get the cops out there. As a service to your readers of course.

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Kell said...

Very cool place. I can imagine all kinds of stories people would tell about a house like that.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger saz said...

Terri - Don't know who lives there now but here's the link to the real estate ad - still for sale if you can cough up 4.5 mil! Shows indoor pics....

Jay - Maybe a Cheez-it box over the camera will do the trick?

Kell - Perfect setting for a good ghost story wouldn't you say?

At 10:31 AM, Blogger saz said...

Sorry folks the last part of that link to the real estate ad should be:


kind of fun to see the rooms...reminds me of Hearst Castle.

At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Alan G said...

Hey Saz….

Well, as promised, I watched The Secret Garden (BBC-1975 Version) via pay-per-view last night and have to say I did enjoy it. It was a little slow at the beginning but about twenty minutes into it I seem to settle in for the duration. It is, of course, quite English and is in color beginning to end unlike the 1949 version which is in black & white until the secret garden takes on its growing splendor. The dialogue is English of course and at times quite heavy and was a little hard for me to understand at times. I have to say that the focus is much more on the characters than the garden itself. You actually only see bits and pieces of the garden as it begins its transformation. One could actually say that the garden transformation was more in touch with reality than portrayed in other versions where in one case was quite overdone. In fact in this version, the infamous tree that causes the death of Lord Craven’s wife is not even shown although it is mentioned as the cause of his wife’s death.

Although the 1949 version remains my favorite, I would have to say this 1975 version is certainly worth watching and I would rank it a close second.

At 11:24 PM, Blogger saz said...

Thanks Alan for the update. I meant to check my library for that version but haven't yet. Sounds very good.

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