Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kitty Diaries - Last Day

No More Tuna Treats For Les Girls!

The last two days I kitty-sit I always get a little sad that I have to say goodbye to Les Girls. Les Folks tell me I can come to see them anytime but it's just not the same. As you can see by the comments they're a little worried that they have to wean them away from the daily tuna treat. Just as Alan G. commented earlier, I'm like the grandmother who spoils the kids and can waltz right out the door after.

My next door neighbors will ask me to babysit their dogs as a last resort. They suspect things go on while they're gone that they don't approve of. Their dogs are not allowed on their furniture or bed and are crated at night. They usually have a dog sitter stay at the house when they travel. Last year when they got a new very large puppy they had a hole in the dog sitting schedule and were forced to ask me to help.

I got 5 pages of instructions (in small type) and a list of commands the pup knew. Looking at the list I thought her vocabulary was better than mine.

My first assignment was to pick her up from doggy day care and make sure I transported her back home with her seat belt on. I couldn't figure the damn seat belt thingie out so when she jumped in the passenger seat and acted like she was belted in we took off... big dog - little car and she sat looking out the passenger window nicely all the way home.

I hated the idea that I had to crate her at home every night so would bring her to my house till very late. The first night as I was watching TV in my bedroom she came up to me and put her paws on either side of my lap and tried to crawl in my lap. Pretty soon it was obvious she was trying to push her way past me to get on the bed. I figured "what the heck" it's just one night... so I let her up. She curled up in the middle of the bed and went to sleep with one paw touching me. The next night I brought her over and she made a flying leap straight to the center of the bed. I started praying that this pup was smart enough (cuz she knew so many words) to know the difference between being allowed on my bed and abiding by the rules when she was at home.

When her folks returned they came over with her to thank me. They could see by the way she greeted me that we bonded. We started talking about dog sitting in general and her dad mentioned they worried other people could ruin her training but his biggest worry was feeding her people food (they know I cook for my pets - yep I do). I assured him I never did THAT with their darling girl.

So that's why I'm not asked to pet sit unless people are desperate.........


At 9:50 AM, Blogger F&W said...

Having come *this close* to finishing my dog training certificate (10 days more would have done it) I can say a few things here from an "expert" point of view:

1. Dogs are smart enough to know the difference between being allowed up on your bed and not theirs. It is unfair to expect them to know the diff between 2 beds in the same house however.

2. Feeding people food to a dog who eats only dog food will make them want people food. This I can confirm hands down! That's not to say people food is bad. It all depends on what people food it is. Personally, I feed our dog fruit and veggies. It's good roughage.

3. Any more trips in the car and I would certainly recommend figuring out the seatbelt thingy. Our dog ALWAYS wears his. Especially now that Brent and the pup had a wee fender bender together. Were it not for the belt, Willie would have hit the windshield. *whew*

All in all, my assessment would be that you are a reliable, caring, and minor-rule-breaking pet sitter. You're perfect!

At 11:06 AM, Blogger saz said...

Thanks for the recommendation Chelle! Luv this comment.

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the best Best Pet Sitter ever! You went the extra mile to try different ways to get that medicine in our Queenie. Thanks to you we now know how to hide it in tuna.

Our girls our healthy and happy because you take such good care of them. And we have a stress-free vacation.

Weaning them off of daily tuna - so NOT a problem.

And please come visit them sometime - we'll even let you feed them tuna, it'll be a party.

les folks


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