Thursday, July 20, 2006

From San Francisco....

It's the city I suspect the rest of the country loves to hate . It's where I was born and raised and am still close to. But just for today I wish everyone would take a look at what the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor are trying to do. They are trying to provide healthcare for the uninsured. Hopefully it's going to be a "single payer" system. There's tons to still work out - businesses are not happy about the extra money per hour they need to cough up for this venture but I'm glad they're trying something! This won't impact me and the elders I worry about...yet. We all have supplemental health insurance and my friends are on Medicare plus we don't live in the city. But as I watch my elderly friends struggle with doubling prescription costs and rising out of pocket charges I know we need to pay attention to this. Alan at Final Thoughts had a good discussion on Medicare changes and that was BEFORE the New York Times ran an article about additional cuts coming from the administration ....



Almost The Home Stretch But Not Quite

Not much to report. Tuna saved the week and all is well tho' Les Girls are a little wild at dinner time. Hope Les Folks had a great time kayaking today.


At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Alan G said...

I should have been a cat. Look at them critters...not a care in the world. Just waiting on the next round of Tuna.

Glad you posted the healthcare news. That is an interesting article and it is refreshing to see some positive action taken by the city government. It is refreshing to see action rather than "lip-service".

PS - What's not to love in San Francisco? :)

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Ginnie said...

Hi Saz; Two things to say; I can't understand anyone not loving San Francisco. I've been there twice, once in 1954 and again in 2002 and I adore the city.
As to the article about free health care. Two years ago our county started a free-health care clinic and all the doctors and nurses are volunteers. I have been with them since the inception...I organize the patient's charts...and it is very heart-warming work. So far we have seen 1,118 patients and the list continues to grow. The requirements for the clinic are a very low income which is based on the number in the family, no health insurance of any type and to be a county resident. I am amazed at all the people in our county that need help. We appear on the surface to be an affluent golf oriented county but underneath all that is a lot of poverty. It has really opened my eyes to volunteer there.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Betty said...

It's becoming more and more obvious that we can't wait for Washington to do something about the healthcare crisis in this country. I hope more cities/states will take the bull by the horns and develop their own versions of universal health care. It is a mystery to me why the voters continue to put up with all the stalling and posturing by our politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, in this area. They blather on and on about "helping the poor", when everyone except the super-rich seems to be suffering.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Jay said...

I've been to San Francisco once and absolutely loved it. I know it is the city that people love to hate, but I think that most of the haters are just jealous and wish they could live there.

Health care is another thing that will differentiate the states in the coming years. Progressive states will put together some sort of universal health care system and other states (read: red states and southern states) won't.

At 12:10 PM, Blogger F&W said...

Loooove San Francisco! I kept walking around saying, "This reminds me so much of home! I love it here." (I'm from Vancouver, BC)

Those cats are just ridiculous. Love the pictures.

At 10:06 PM, Blogger saz said...

Thanks to ALL for being so diplomatic about SF!


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